Bloging again! Hello world!

Hello! It has been a while, I have been a busy bee with a few things like Clubs... Slave to Fashion at BBB and other pop up clubs like Vogue @ Willa's & Marquis De Sade as well as working with The Last Tuesday Society.
I have also been working on my fashion photography work under another name(I can't tell you it as I dont want my cover to be blown just yet!)
I have been working on some other projects, helping young talents become successful. I will blog about them along the way.
I have just become the events programmer at Punk night club in Soho. (So if you have any ideas on nights, need a venue for parties, events, band nights ect or are interested in hosting or performing get in touch

After fashion week I decided I would get more creative and productive again. I was lacking in posative thinking and a lot of negative people got me down!

Love, Creativity & Intelligence are what I think we need in our lifes. I am going to be blogging about my life, fashion, creative dressing, new talents and people I think who are amazing and inspire me.