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00:52 GMT 23/01/11
Daniel Lismore

When guests at i-D's recent 30th birthday celebrations saw a Warholian headshot of Kate Moss floating above the heads of fellow party-goers, mutterings of something funny going on were abound.

Over the course of the evening it unfolded that Kate's image was supported by a headdress and that headdress sat atop the visage of a certain Daniel Lismore. Amongst the crowds Daniel caught the attention of i-D collaborator and filmmaker Alec Maxwell. The rest, as they say, is history. This video documents an evening (and morning) in the life of Daniel Lismore, the emphasis being on the nocturn as this club kid lives more for the midnight hours than for egg and soldiers; a string of successful club nights to his name, keep up to date with his moving and shaking and where best to find him here. To describe Daniel's get-up as a costume would be a complete falsity; for him, his appearance is no more a novelty than the jeans and jumper, or shirt and tie most people don each day. His eyelashes are unreal, his fish-pout is beyond and his wink isn't half bad either! Ladies and gentlemen... Daniel Lismore.

Text Sean Baker
Video and Photography Alec Maxwell and Herod
Styling Daniel Lismore
Music Larry Tee
With Thanks to Dylan Wynne, Luke Worrall and Larry Tee