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Introducing Kloss London.

August 8, 2011
i-Ntroducing Kloss
Lights. Camera. ACTION (lots of it!).

As many fashion image-makers take tentative steps towards fast-flicking alternatives, dipping their toes in the world of short films, Kloss are leaping head-first into the field giving fashionistas something to really chatter about. Loyal members of i-D’s happy family, Kloss co-founders Alec Maxwell and Herod first worked with the magazine two years back, slipping behind-the-scenes as super stylist Edward Enninful and snapper fantastic Emma Summerton shot four mind-bogglingly magnificent models for the cover of The P.Y.T Issue.

With many photographers shutting up shop to film cameras, reluctant to reveal the inner-workings of their magic, Kloss’s charm and discretion make them the perfect partners. Working closely with several photographers and complementing their i-D triumphs with work for and Vogue Italia, earlier this year Kloss stepped out from their behind-the-scenes stomping ground and started working on their own creative briefs. After meeting the captivating and enigmatic Daniel Lismore at i-D’s 30th birthday celebrations Alec and Herod set about lifting the lid on London’s larger than life club king with their short film about his nocturnal antics.

Ever concealed by their cameras, i-D online has thrust them into centre-stage finding out the why, where, when and how. To accompany the interview Kloss have shot two extra-exclusive shorts, featured here alongside other fantastic flicks they’ve contributed in the past.

Can you describe Kloss in 5 words?
We love to make videos.

When did you first become interested in film-making?
Herod: As a kid I was fed feature films by my Dad; Halloween, Weird Science, Coming to America, A Clockwork Orange. I was also obsessed with music videos. Watching the ‘Teardrop’ video by Massive Attack was a turning point, it was striking and different but fit perfectly with the track. That’s what made want to learn video-making.

Tell us about how the two of you first came to work together…
Alec: We have known each other since we were teenagers, we are from the same area and studied at the same university. The first video we worked on together was actually for i-D, a video called ‘Making Of The P.Y.T Issue’ from the set of Emma Summerton’s shoot. Edward Enninful had asked me to make a video for the website, I asked Herod if he would like to work on it with me. Sometimes it can be difficult for two people to work together creatively, but for Herod and I, it was a good fit. When we started editing we had good chemistry. At that point, there was no intention of building a company. Once the video went onto the i-D website, people started saying they loved it. Lane Crawford commissioned us to make three videos shortly afterwards. It was a very organic start to working together. Within a few months we were building our website and blog.

How do you think the fashion industry’s perception of film-makers has changed in recent years?
Movies have always been a huge inspiration to fashion, something that the fashion industry has looked up to for many years. Today we’re in the time of the internet, where film is being made specifically for fashion, in a non-movie format. Gareth Pugh showing his collection in video format is a perfect example. Nick Knight and SHOWstudio have really pioneered this medium, and pushed it forward. Web content, iPad apps, digital advertising, viral videos, blogs etc have opened the gates for fashion film. Film-makers are becoming an essential part of the fashion industry.

Tell us about your relationship with Daniel Lismore…
A: We met Daniel the evening of the ‘i-D Covers Book’ launch. The room was filled with beautiful people; Kylie Minogue, Kristen McMenamy, Liu Wen, but for me, Daniel stood out. He was wearing a pig mask, which looked like bad plastic surgery. The next day I got hold of his number and called him to ask if we could make a video of him. We spoke about what we could do, and came up with the idea of the mock i-D cover that he would wear to his club night in East London. The whole process was fun and a real collaboration between ourselves and Daniel. After filming him for two days, we’d become friends. The way he puts himself together is amazing but on top of that, he is a real sweetheart. We just finished a second video (shown here) with Daniel and look forward to working with him again.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?
We hope to continue to collaborate with The model casting at Givenchy is always amazing so it would be great to film backstage at the show. There are so many people outside of fashion we would love to collaborate with too: Björk of course, Little Dragon, Kanye West.

What’s your favourite flick of all time?
H: Weird Science, Rear Window, La Haine.
AM: Virgin Suicides, Basquiat, Unzipped.

A Hollywood blockbuster is being made of your life. Who would you like to see play you?
H: Jason Statham or Hugh Jackman.
A: I’d have Cate Blanchett play me, just like she played Bob Dylan.

Who would play your love interest?
H: Salma Hayek.
A: Yes, that would be interesting, Cate Blanchett and Salma Hayek.

Who would be the director?
H: Spike Jonze.
A: Kloss London, of course.

Who would you most like to see on the cover of i-D and why?
Daniel Lismore, he’s a creative genius.

Text: Sean Baker