Daniel Lismore talks at Queen Mary's University Part 1

The symposium ‘Power, Subcultures & Queer Stages’ examines the relationship between sexual identity and style, camp and spectacle, cultural appropriation and genderfuck, live art and activism. 

Redressing the hierarchy between what counts as ‘high’ art and worthy of art historical inclusion, the symposium will be looking at the contemporary history of queer visibility and invisibility in public spaces, as well as current queer live art, club culture and drag performance. Throughout the presentations, we will explore the connections between the performance of sexuality and the performance of style, as well as how communities of affect, dissidence and resistance have been preserved and gained visibility through the creative expressions of those that constitute them.

Presentations by Daniel Lismore, Jonny Woo, La Erreria (House of Bent), Malik Nashad Sharpe and keynote lecture by Dr. Shaun Cole, Associate Dean and Course Director at London College of Fashion. Moderated by Giulia Casalini & Diana Georgiou (co-directors at CUNTemporary).