POP Magazine 'Cairo.Return' My first official casting project.

Photography By Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin
Fashion By Vanessa Reid
Casting Daniel Lismore & Cassie Machado

We searched high and low to find and cast the perfect boys for this story.
I guess we call ourselves creative dressers. Although when I was doing the casting I asked for crossdressers. I think in the past there has been a negative association in the media with crossdressers so we don't really use that term. We are all more than that anyway. Everyone in the shoot is part of London's nightlife history. Bright, young, beautiful individual's with talent and their own view on fashion.

The Pop story was quite beautiful but for me very sad. It was based on the cross dressers of Cairo, Egypt. There are so many people around ther world are not allowed to be themselves, some countries it is illegal to show how you feel inside, like Egypt. It is so wrong that we could not risk shooting the editorial with the scenesters the story was based on. We are so lucky to be able to live our lives as we do.

This is the POP magazine editorial I cast for.