Thursday, 23 December 2010

Some of last years parties on film.

A MASSIVE thank you to for all their hard work!

SHABBA DABBA DA NYE! "London's coolest club" i-D Magazine

The Shabba Dabba Da team!

Munroe Bergdorf!

Scott Whippy

Burger Kim!

La Richie Aka Jack France!

Daniel Lismore!


Fake Rolex!


Alex Prinz!

Glamorous Monique!

Luke Worrall!

Larry Tee!

Jodie Harsh!


Never ones to shy away from a massive party, Shabba Dabba Da has been bringing it all year with 7 huge nights. Each and every one more opulent, decadent and outrageous than the last.

How to top off such an amazing year? With a New Year's Eve party, the likes of which the capital has never seen before!

We will be bringing the madness back to the Avalon Bar, but this time we are putting it all on show! With an all star cabaret of our favourites DJs and performers as well as some brand new shiny faces the bar will be lit up like you would not believe.

We will also be bringing you a glitteringly debauched VIP room complete with jacuzzis and a very special Sauna Disco.

Forget what you thought you knew about Shabba Dabba Da, this New Year's Eve is going to melt your soul!

For the uninitiated and virginal, here is a breakdown of what to expect from our glittering lineup of DJs...


Jodie isTHE fashionista's DJ. She has performed her House and Electro sets everywhere from Pacha, alongside The Swedish House Mafia to Glastonbury and has even done mixes for Pete Tong's 'In New Music we Trust' show on Radio 1. Draped in some of the hottest new designers Jodie is fast becoming a London Fashion Week regular, having appeared on the runway for both Emma Bell and Naomi Campbell. Expect her to set the night on fire, making you dance whether you want to or not!


There is so much to say about Larry Tee: he coined the term Electroclash, he has worked closely with Peaches, Fischerspooner Princess Superstar, Santigold, even Perez Hilton and he has been at the forefront of the club scene for over 20 years. But most importantly he is a Shabba Dabba Da favourite. So what more do you need to know?


If you like your bass lines heavy and eclectic, Fake Rolex are most definitely for you. As North London's newest DJ/MC double act, Buster Bennet and Offkey bring you a truly innovative mix of live electronics and improvised vocals producing an unique live act which pushes the frontier of bass music forward.


Luke has been big on the modelling scene since he got his first Dazed and Confused cover back in 2007. Since then he has modelled for everyone from Marc by Marc Jacobs to Juicy Couture. He now has the honour of being Shabba Dabba Da's newest resident DJ.


Fashion muse Munroe has been involved in some of the hottest new nights in London including HAUTE and OMFG! She is also a Shabba Dabba Da Resident DJ, whose Pop and R&B sets are guaranteed to get you moving.


Performing a live show especially for NYE - A look back at some of the iconic tracks that made NIYI the pin up kid of Nu-Rave and also his brand new material never before showcased in London. Going to be a performance to remember !


New kid on the block Whippy has already made a big impact with his weekly party 'Your Mum's House' and his DJ sets are a mashup of Electro/Fidget/Dubstep/Pop/80's/90's. So something for everyone, yeah?


Model Alex Prinz and SDD Resident Maximus Crown have teamed up to form a DJ double act fit for a Queen. Currently generating a big buzz around London, catch them before they get too huge!


From fronting creative design agencies, writing Ribbed Magazine to being respected DJs and producers in their own right, Tim Hilton and Lillica Libertine are some of the hardest working Djs around. They will be sweating it out in the Avalon Sauna bringing some serious Electro to the party.


Presenting Shabbavision! The brain child of utopian futurist agent provocateurs K-Tron and LaRich, this live installation will leave you questioning everything you hold dear. Expect some world view shifting live art and visuals.

HOST - DANIEL LISMORE & GLAMOROUS MONIQUE (who we have flown in from Hollywood)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



31 December at 21:00 - Saturday, 01 January 2011 at 06:00

141-143 Shoreditch High St
London, United Kingdom

Imagery by Linda Cooper.
Photography and Filming on the night by request

Tuesday, 21 December 2010 Thank you!

"Icons of Our Time: Daniel Lismore"

(Pictured: Steve Strange, Luke Worrall and Lismore at his creation, "Shabba-dabba-da" in East London, September 2010. Photograph, Christopher James,

To understand why Daniel Lismore is such an expedient component to society as it is today, one needs only to know him. And yet that is perhaps why his role in 21st century improvement has as yet been so devastingly overlooked. Lismore is a shy character who rebukes any kind of negativity and reponds only with all that was before.

Lismore is intelligent in a way ultimate to the progress of modern humanity; It does not concern any particular school of thought; it concerns all schools of thought. Philosophers might try to claim him as one of them, so might visual artists or leaders in style and of fashion. But Lismore is none of these. Lismore simply is. And there is nothing else one should be.

(Pictured here: Lismore with Isabella Blow. Lismore was Isabella Blow's last protégé, shortly before she took her own life in May, 2007)

Lismore's main achievement has been his incredible resolve and self-belief which have remained resolute despite showers of criticism and years of critic's unanswered questions. His love of freedom and liberty has lead to the most exciting creative movement in today's youngest generation.

At 17, Lismore was scouted by a top modeling agency. Not long after that, this image of a young 'debonair' was printed in L'Uomo Vogue:

Lismore was an internationally successful model, based in Milan, getting paid five figure sums for the most prestigious of fashion campaigns. There was no doubting Lismore's beauty, but as the fashion industry naturally proved to be a fickle business, Lismore edged further away from it. He moved back to London where he started to found a fashion movement, based entirely on the acquisition of experiences. His messages were freedom, love, equality and colour. London responded rambunctiously.

(Pictured above: Lismore in his early years at fashion party, 'Boombox'. He would later be asked to round up who he considered to be the height of London's dress-up scene for a special performance of Kylie Minogue's, 'WOW!' on 'The Kylie Show' in 2008)

Lismore showed himself as a likeable leader and gathered a large group of followers and fellow-inspirers who would accompany him to his parties and attend social events with him.

It is extremely commendable that Lismore remained approachable and well-mannered throughout the course of this huge change in his life. It would be what would later lead to his success proliferating at such a fantastic speed.

(Pictured below: Lismore with fellow inspirationals and friends, March 2010)

In 2009 he was rightly considered to be the most exciting creative force in London. But all of this was still 'underground'. Despite frenzies of paparazzi with HRH, Prince Harry and fashion royalty, Kate Moss, Lismore remained known only to the few interested enough to research London's more artsy scenes.

2010 was a pivotal year for Lismore. He successfully collaborated with New York legend, Larry Tee to create the fastest growing successful party in London, 'Shabba-dabba-da' and ID magazine took the initiative to feature him on their online site for 2011.

(Pictured below: Lismore snapped with Kate Moss at a private fixture in 2009)

What Lismore has to offer now is simply a continuation of his journey, but as of 2011 this will finally be to a mass audience. We say: catch Lismore now, while you can, as he'll soon be swathed in security and inaccessible to the millions who will want to shake his hand.

Who is my favorite celebrity?


Elle Turkey


Thursday, 2 December 2010

Shabba Dabba Da 11th Dec I-D Mag coming to video so DRESS UP!

"The coolest club night in London" iD

Entry: £5 Guest List Open just follow this link to fill in your name in seconds:

Hey Shabba Family members!!!

We had such a manic event last month and are so pleased with the party we are putting on, but really want to thank all of our Shabba supporters !

So we are offering free entry between 21.00 - 22.00 just for this Shabba !

Our Dj's on the night are:

Larry Tee
Munroe Bergdorf
Maximus Crown
Luke Worrell
Fin Munro

We are putting together a special package of extra entertainment...



Face painting by Natalie Sharp, who is inspired by Kabuki, Maoris and ancient tribal warrior tattoos Her point of focus isf where make up ends and face paint begins. (She is bloody good)

Special "FREAK OF THE NIGHT" Art Prize for the best outfit to be awarded by Daniel Lismore.

The return of Sorapol from her travels to Thailand. She will be storming the dance floor with her disciples.

Photographer Linda Linda Cooper will be shooting the creative dressers for American magazine.

Address: Avalon, 141-143 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JE 9pm till 2am

Entry: £5 Guest List Open just follow this link to fill in your name in seconds:

More on the Door.

Imagery by Linda Cooper.
Photography and Filming on the night by request